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Pride Stories

Pride Stories was an interactive sound installation, featuring 15 LGBTQIA+ voices from around the world. Pride Stories launched on June 24th, 2021,  and was experienced throughout New York City at specific locations. The significance of each location is explained on the map.

What Pride Means to MeUs
00:00 / 06:16

Listen to LGBTQIA+ folx from around the world discuss an important Pride experience.

First Queer Pride (1)Us
00:00 / 06:58
First Queer Pride (2)Us
00:00 / 07:50

Curators: Zach Rothman-Hicks, Amanda Wu

Graphic Design: Ying Chen

Listen to LGBTQIA people from around the world discuss what Pride means to them. We had enough responses for 2 pieces, allowing the installation to occur at 3 distinct locations!

Documentation from our opening event

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