"Gabbing with Gays" is the culmination of more than a year of work.

January 2020: Zach enrolled in PIMA 7020, a course which focused on Archiving and Community Engagement

Feburary 2020: Zach became interested in researching Emotional Intimacy in the LGBTQIA community as a result of class discussions

March 2020: The cov-id 19 pandemic forced a lockdown across the world

Early April 2020: Zach began conducting virtual, one-on-one interviews about Emotional Intimacy in the LGBTQIA community

End of April 2020: Zach assembled a group to take part in a ritual where we symbolically and physically destroyed barriers to Intimacy. You may watch the video here

May 2020: Emotional Intimacy Group began having regular meetings

August/ September 2020: The number of participants expanded, creating two synchronous groups and an asynchronous group

November 2020: First public presentation of the piece using QR codes

December 2020: The title "Gabbing with Gays" was coined

January 2021: Logo finalized

February 2021: Long Island City was chosen as the location for "Gabbing with Gays."

March 2021: Second public presentation of "Gabbing with Gays."

April 2021: Creation and field testing of the logo, stickers, signs, and QR codes

May 2021: The launch of the Walking Tour

June 2021: Pride Stories

If you want to hear more about my process, listen to my Artist's Talk interview.