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Participants and Creative Contributors

Gabbing with Gays features voices in the LGBTQIA community from around the world. Our work is inspired by our Emotional Intimacy Group discussions, conducted over Zoom, and supplemented by audio and visual pieces created by those around the world. Please note that in order to adhere to each participant's safety and privacy that some of our contributors have chosen to remain anonymous.

Special thanks to: PACE Entangled, Vyrstaat Arts Festival, NYCDOT, Andre, Jane, Shadi, Laura, Sami, Nic, Brian, Alex, Jenn, Ryan, David, Helen, Briggan, Eto, Maho, Kilusan, Andrea, Sikhuthali, Elizabeth, Kenneth, Patrick, Jim, Olga, Matt, Carlos, Huascar, and Dan for your feedback, support, generosity, and kindness.

A very special thanks to Vincent Argiro, R.I.P., who taught many people so much about kindness, compassion, and Emotional Intimacy.

We are also indebted to PJ Leahy's, Rockaway Brewing Company, Big aLICe, Iconyc Brewing, and The Local for hosting our QR codes

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